List your Auction Items

[cost] 2.5% of auction value
(directory listed businesses only)

If your business is listed as a paid listing and authenticated in our directory, then you may submit an auction item (item, hunt, animal, etc). There are no limit on the auctions, but they will go through an approval process.

You create a package, set a reserve price and end date (no longer than 21 days) and send us the details, we do the rest. From there, the winning bid (above the reserve price) will be notified and have 7 days to pay the deposit or full price (as stipulated by you). The fees will be paid over to you minus bank fees and our 2.5% commision.

Please not: All further bookings and deals will be between the business and auction winner. Bowhunter’s Corner cannot mediate between parties or take any responsibility for services or products provided in auction. You can only list products or services you are personally responsible for (you cannot auction a hunt purchased from someone else, for instance)

Who is hosting this auction
What is the business name that is listed in the Bowhunter's Corner Directory that is responsible for this auction item
Day time contact number
Bank account into which the winning bid should be transferred. The winning bid has 7 days to transfer, and we will transfer within 48 hours to your account once cleared, minus royalty fee and minus banking fees
Please provide a descriptive Title for your Auction
Please provide a full description of everything that is offered (included) and specify exactly what is excluded
Suggested opening price for the auction item (leave open for Zero ZAR)
What is the Cut-off acceptable value for this item (The auction will not display a winning bid should the minimum or reserve price not be met)
The Auction will start 21 days before the end date, unless the end date is less than 21 days away, in which case the auction will start immediately