The course covers all facets of hunting and 3D Archery.I have seen 8yr olds and 60yr olds alike having fun and being challenged at this unique range.Furthermore Dewald is always quick to offer assistance from his wealth of Archery knowledge.It's a set date one our monthly calender.
Donovan Goodes | 30/01/2018
I have been bowhunting for a while now and always enjoyed the SABA shoots up north. Since moving to Cape Town, I got involved with Dewald and the team here. What a great setup. They made me feel welcome from the start there is no shortage of experience and advice. Even made good friends there. A lot of effort goes into assisting novice archers and children. I use this course and setup as training for my walk and stalk training because it's as close to the real deal as it gets. It has given me the confidence to successfully take shots up to 60 yards in my last hunting trip. Just go, take your family. You will love it!
Jacques Strauss (Strolla) | 30/01/2018
What an amazing shoot! These 3D shoots are definitely the most fun I have with my bow other than hunting. Dewalt creates new surprises every shoot to keep it interesting. What I also like is that the scores don't get flashed around like trophies after the shoot, so there is no pressure. Just good fun and good practice. I definitely recommend it, it's great fun. See you at the next shoot
Danie | 30/01/2018
Absolutely amazing 3D course and absolutely amazing people who makes this a very special venue indeed <3
Ilse Oosthuizen | 30/01/2018
Good to know there fellow bowhunters in the Western Cape
Justin | 30/01/2018
Uitstekende geleentheid vir die boogjagter ter voorbereiding van die jag seisoen of vir die nuwe boogskut om te kan leer.
Doep Muller | 30/01/2018
Leer met elke shoot iets nuuts hoor jag en het my baie gehelp om regte besluite temaak in jag veld
Tertius | 30/01/2018

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