WWR.WWWR Database

The WWR.WWWR (What Went Right, What Went WRong) Database is a voluntary collection of Bowhunting Data for the purpose of establishing patterns between equipment, animals & areas.

Hunters or the Professional Hunters (PH’s ) that serviced them can complete the form and add their data to the database.

The database is not a scientific study, there are no background checking of data (we run on a honour system) and there is no benefit to providing fake data as the size of the database will automatically kick out the outliers that doesn’t match the bulk of the data.

Database size: 1,142 records

Step 1 of 3
The date on which the animal was first shot
Was the animal shot in the morning or afternoon
What Animal was hunted
What class of Animal
Was another shot required to complete the kill?
If you remember, please note the distance you ranged or estimated when you took your shot
How long did it take you before the animal was retreived?
When the Animal was retreived, what was the condition?
If the animal was initially only wounded, or not retrieved (or things simply didn't go as expected) what went wrong?
Please describe the failure if possible