What is the 10kgClub?

The 10kg.club is a group of people that pledge to (and actually do) give away some of the game meat from their hunts to people, families or groups in need. We are blessed so that we can bless others.

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How does it work?

When you pick up your processed meat from your favourite butcher, simply take out a few packs (we suggest 10kg, but what you give is entirely up to you!) and drop it off at one of our freezers.  We will do the rest!

Can I decide where the meat goes?

Off course you may drop off meat wherever you know there is a need! We encourage it!  If you, however, you drop of meat with us, we will make sure it goes to people who need it!

I live in another country, how can I help?

The easiest way is to send us a donation (SWIFT transfer or SKRILL is available) Foreign currency is strong in South Africa and goes a far way! You can specify usage, or let us decide if the money will be used to buy more animals, process the meat or buy freezers to store meat in before it gets distributed.

Who helped so far? 

There are some awesome people involved in this project already. You can see their names here… 

What kind of meat do you need?

What works best and easiest is stuff like mince, patties and sausage. Not too spicy please! Dried Wors is a nice treat and salami’s are also very handy!

Can I give you a carcass?

Yes you may!
We also take cash donations now so that we can process meat if you give us a carcass. Please just speak to us first, so that we can make the necessary arrangements!

I like the idea, but I don’t hunt…

We can hunt for you. You can buy an animal from one of the three farms that supports this project currently, or you can make a cash donation specifically towards an animal (or processing of such an animal)

Why meat?

We already support other food programs, but actual meat (protein) is sorely lacking. Also, every hunter knows the value of wild game meat. We hunt because it’s the best for our families. We want to give the best for those that need it.


Who gets the Donations?

Right now the bulk of the food is given to two organisations, with smaller food parcels and packages going to individuals and families.


Call her Blessed

“Call her blessed” is a safe haven for abused- and destitute pregnant woman. Where they will be rehabilitated to go back into the community and make difference…




Ki-Deo is a home for traumatised and abused children who were removed from their parents’ care.”



Who also supports this Program?

We are extremely grateful for these organisations that support this initiative. Please support them in turn… their hearts are in the right place!