Why Advertise

What would be the benefit of advertising on Bowhunter’s Corner, or even just Listing our sites and services?

Why Advertise?

Well, the answer is actually fairly simple. The more people know about you, the easier it is to find you, and the more information you provide, the better for search engines and reshares of your information. Spreading good quality information as wide as possible will always result in more visitors to your website or store!

Our Mission is to build up bow hunting in South and Southern Africa and grow it out to the continent of Africa. So the services provided here are geared towards making the members of this site successful.

For example:

The Auctions allows advertisers to not simply list their service, but now HIGHLIGHT a specific product. This means we have something we can promote on social media that is attached to your Game Farm, or Business or Service.

The Service Provider Listings is searchable and can be filtered to specific regions and can be searched for types of animals available to hunt, even down to the types of Hunting that can be done (Hides, Ground Blinds, Treestands, etc)

Game Farm Reviews shows a real, third party authenticated look at your game farm or concession. But above all, it gets absorbed by the search engines, making it easier to find your facility (The more people talking and commenting about your facility, the higher google rates it, and the more information Google has, the more it is willing to share)

So… for the price of 12 Wimpy coffees… (the small ones!!)

Can you afford NOT to advertise?