Donations and Donators

Who are the Awesome Hunters that have donated to this project?

Sean Nel, Pieter Kruger, Elmarie Erasmus, George “Porkchop” Diamond, Liezel Boshoff, Jaco Maartens, Redge Grant, Luzanne Grant, Henrie Degenaar, Nicolaas Weber, Gina Swart, Niel Maartens, Pierre van der Merwe

Companies that Support this endeavour:


Archer’s Edge

Archer’s Edge is an archery shop and range in Pretoria East, South Africa that caters for all kinds of archers, from traditional bows all the way through to Bowhunters and Competition Archers!
[email protected]
+27 71 493 0020

Archery Corner

Archery Corner is a group of websites dedicated to promoting archery in all its forms, both competitive formats and bowhunting.



Sean Nel Media & Marketing

SNM&M focusses on helping small business with small budgets get the best out of their marketing budgets with social media marketing strategies.


Life Christian Adventure

LCA is all about combining Christianity with the outdoors. We live in a beautiful country where we are blessed with many activities where we come in contact with God’s creation. Through different types of contributions, we would like to provide food and necessities to needy people and organizations. We focus mainly on children from financial disadvantaged and abusive families. Through camps and mentor programs we try to have a positive impact on their lives


RetouchRepublic is a Photo Retouching House that works with some of the biggest names in the South African and International Fitness Industries.