The 2018 Mathews Triax (part 1) – Is it Hype or Have Mathews Restored Faith?

When it comes to new bow launches I have a keen one on certain specifications of bows. My reason being that I’m one of the unfortunate that have a small draw length (27”) and stature, which in turn means I’m very limited in getting all the performance out of my bow and I have to play around with arrow weights, arrow spine and draw weight.

Keeping this in mind, when I saw the Mathews Triax specs for the first time, admittedly I was one of those that said “it can only be aggressive”; “it can’t be accurate with that ATA measurement”. Well that was until the Archer’s Edge Team put the bow in my hands and told me to shoot it and I haven’t looked back since!

I have been lucky enough to have had my Triax for almost 6 months now and I can honestly say for the first time in years, I can’t get myself to put the bow down. There is just something about this bow that one cannot explain. I have never owned a Mathews until now, but for the past few years we all know that Mathews lost some ground to other manufactures, but this is no more.

When first shooting the bow, the take up of the draw cycle is at first a little different and firm to most bows I have shot but I think this has to do with the larger cams, but by no means is it aggressive or hard which was a surprise to me, considering my preconceptions about the bow. With the 85% let off mods this bow holds like a dream, and this came to light on a recent hunt where I was at full draw for a good 2 minutes  without actually even realizing it. During my shot routine I found the bow to come to balance with very little assistance required from stabilizers. With the shorter ATA and sharper string angle, I felt very connected with the bow and it allows you to point the bow and get it on target.

After shot impressions, I found had the bow was whisper quiet together with an overall lack of vibration throughout the bow and I think a major contributing factor to this is the engineering design and placement of the new harmonic dampener no longer being inside the riser. One can talk about all the new fancy designs etc. but the bows tune ability is first class and with a few adjustments to shoot my shooting style it became evident that group tuning is very expensive with this bow in hand. I went through 6 arrows,( including a robin hood) in a matter of days, due to the tight groups out to 55 yards

Yes, this is a 28” ATA bow with a 6” brace height, clocking in at a claimed 343FPS BUT this is a new generation short ATA bow in my opinion that the hype around this bow is there for a reason, and more importantly, will restore the faith of the Mathews fans. It has also provided the archers with a short draw length an option that has for many a year been an issue for them, when trying to keep speed and arrow weight up without having to compromise comfort and accuracy. BUT if you still wondering yourself, Just go shoot the bow then you will know what I mean!

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I am essentially a rifle hunter turned bow hunter and archery enthusiast. My passion for hunting was developed as a young boy from the age of 6 or 7 and now as a man my enthusiasm for bow hunting has is not just a passion but it has become a way of life and lifestyle.