Shooting Uphill

Ulmer Edge 2″ entry

Interesting scenario presented itself last week while hunting. I harvested a Kudu Cow, that was standing on a little hill above my position, slightly quartering to. It wasn’t much higher than me and I achieved a passthrough with my 560gr GoldTip Velocity (150gr insert, 125gr Ulmer Edge Broadhead).

I compensated on my entry point, going as far forward as I dared before I thought I would hit shoulder, but I didn’t even think to compensate for the uphill angle. As it were, it seems I hit both lungs, but missed the heart.

I thought maybe the animal started moving on the shot (leaning back) although I didn’t think so. I asked my hunting partner that said she stood dead still up until the arrow hit, so my only conclusion: Pay attention to angle!

I practiced flat and I practiced tree stand and down shots, but I rarely shoot uphill… I can visualise the placement of vitals flat and top down, but have never thought about going up… something new learnt this week and something new to practice before the next trip out!

Lung blood
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