Detail Listing Registration – Safari Operators

Safari Operator: Detailed Listing
[cost] R250.00 per year

This is a more detailed listing of your Safari or Hunting Organiser Service. Along with the name of the Business, we also add an email address and contact number, sorted by region.

Sorting Position: 2nd
Listings run for one year from the date of listing

PLEASE NOTE: This is a Paid Listing

Please choose the type of listing you require (Payments via EFT - an invoice will be e-mailed to you)
The name of the Business or Service as it is known to the public and marketed as.
Please provide a description of your business. 2-3 paragraphs max
What type of hunting do you allow or cater for on your concessions?
Please provide a mobile number for Whatsapp communication
If you have one, please copy the link to your facebook page for the business
Please provide the address for your Business or Game Farm
Please provide your GPS Location for your Business or Game Farm (Long|Lat format preferred)
Please check the countries in which you service hunting concessions
Please check every box of animals available to hunt on your location
Please list any other animals that is not on the checkbox list
What hunting options are available at your location?
If you checked "other" please specify other hunting options available on your location
Is there a PH available on site?
What kind of service do you provide for carcass management