Checking your distances [179 Days]

Nikon Laser 550AS Range Finder

Yesterday we had a two rangefinders on the same butt while building sight tapes… there was a two or three yard discrepancy between the two, so the obvious thing is to check which, if any, is right.

In the end, if you are hunting, it’s not super critical to be perfect on the range, but it is critical that your sight tape is set to your rangefinder!

The last thing you want is to range a shot on 60yds and have a sight set to an actual 55yds!

Interesting discussion did arise from that though. Do you range everything in sight when you hunt and try for exact distances, or do you judge distances to the animals, trusting your skill and ability to estimate animal size? (Or is your bow so fast that everything between 20 and 60 is pretty much a straight, flat line?!)


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