No Elk? How about Vegetarian Deer for Christmas? [179 Days]

So, my youngest doesn’t go to bed unless we watch an Elk hunt video clip. It seems that right now, hunting an elk is her dream (she already removed my Warthog Trophy skull to a place a pride on her table in her room…)

For Christmas, of course, she wanted an Elk Hunt….

Well… we don’t have elk in South Africa… and even though we can go hunting, it’s friggin hot, and she is only 3 years old…  😉

…anyhoo… What she did get though was to watch a nice episode of Heartland Bowhunter where Michael Hunsucker takes a “Western Detour” to Mexico to hunt elk, and a vegetarian (do-it-yourself) Deer Trophy for her wall!

Merry Christmas All!!

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