Is this the future of bowhunting? [179 Days]

Rangefinders on bows are not a new thing, neither is a HeadsUp Display bowsight, I have worked with both in the last few years, and although they were cool tech, I thought they were clunky and just kinda broke what I thought “bow hunting” should be… (maybe that’s what traditional archers think about us as Compound Bow users? Or Fixed blade hunters feel about mechanical broadhead users? )

But at this year’s ATA show, IQ brought out an integrated 5 pin and rangefinder sight (The IQ Define Bow Sight) at a pretty decent price and size, and Garmin came to play with a fully integrated HUD unit (the Garmin Xero A1i) – a bit more expensive, but waay more advanced!

I am all for making my chance of success as high as possible, but I can’t quite see myself using these…

Here are my concerns:

  1. Are they robust enough?
  2. What do you do if you run out of battery on a trip?
  3. Waterproof… or just water resistant… how long will the seals hold?

I suppose we will find answers to all of these in the coming months. What are your concerns?

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