Hunter’s Gear: Christopher Trollope

Who Is Chris Trollope?

I am the typical “Biltong/Meat Bow Hunter combined with Trophy Bow Hunting”

I am essentially a rifle hunter turned bow hunter and archery enthusiast. My passion for hunting was developed as a young boy from the age of 6 or 7 and now as a man my enthusiasm for bow hunting has is not just a passion but it has become a way of life and lifestyle.

Partnering myself with equipment that gives me the confidence I need for the outdoors ensures that I can be the most efficient and ethical hunter I strive to be. My passion for the outdoors and bow hunting has driven me to become more involved and to promote and develop Bow hunting where I can. I make an effort to attend regular local 3-D shoots to keep my form and equipment on point to ensure I’m prepared for any shooting scenarios I may find myself within the field.

Hunting style: My main objection is to provide food for my family and depending where I find myself, I will make use of the resources made available from hides, tree stands, pop-up blinds and walking and stalking.

I do also however enjoy the aspects of trophy hunting should the opportunity present itself. I also make use of the meat from trophies that I harvest.

Animals hunted: Kudu, Impala, Blesbuck, Eland, Waterbuck, Wildebeest, Warthog, Gemsbuck, Caracal (Rooikat), Jackal, Guinea-Fowl to name a few.


Mathews Triax

My current choice of bow is the Mathews Triax. The reason for my selection is due to a number of contributing factors but the main reason is that with my shorter draw length, I am able to get the most out of this bow and im able to keep arrow, weight, speed, KE and momentum up. The bow also fits me like a glove and is best suited to my shooting style with the smaller ATA measurement and draw cycle.

The Mathews brand also gives me the options I require to deliver results.

Draw Weight: 70lbs
Draw Length: 27”
Arrow Speed: (Still to be measured…) Estimated 272 to 275 fps


My sight is a Spott Hogg, Tommy Hogg, Single pin slider with 0.19 fibre, with no lens. I have never really been a fan of a 5-pin sight as I find the pins would always obscure my target sight and would cause me to lose focus and at times develop target panic.

Some may ask the usability of a single pin while walking and stalking. This may be an issue for some but the Mathews Triax has allowed me to tune my set up that I can enter the field and set my sight on 35 yards and I know exactly what my arrow drop is should my target be on 32 yards but I have no time to adjust my sight.


My rest is the trusty Vapor Trail Limb driven drop away. Since I began to shoot with a bow I have always used this rest and found that it requires very little adjustment if any and it is solid. I have never had the rest or components come loose

Drop away rests in my opinion allow for easy tuning, get out of the way quickly and let the arrow fly true with very little effect if tuned correctly.


I have found that no matter what the situation, being on the line of a 3-D shoot or in the field. When at full draw with adrenaline running through your veins, you need a stable bow to keep the movement as steady as possible. I currently run a 8” Beestinger Extreme Hunter in front of my bow with 3 oz weight and the 6” Beestinger Extreme Hunter as a back bar with 9oz weights.


This year I wanted a heavier, and higher FOC arrow. I therefore selected the the Hardcore arrow from Carbon Core Arrows cut to 27” with a 70gr insert , 100gr tip, which gives me a 170gr front weight when I screw in my broad heads giving me 14.5% FOC

Arrow Weight: 484 gr
Arrow Speed: Still to be measured, Estimated 272 to 275 fps
FOC: 14.5 %


I make use of the AAE Max Hunter fletch, fletched with an offset and 2 degree right helical. This gives me the best arrow flight and allows be do some tight grouping down range


This is usually a very controversial topic but for me, you will find German Kinetics, Rage and Slick Trick in my quiver. I have always had the best results with these broad heads and they give me the confidence I need. I shoot both mechanical and fixed blades as I feel each option has its own place in the field based on a scenario or situation.


I use standard nocks and lighted nocks for those low light conditions in winter. I rarely shoot in bad light, but I have found that the arrows show up better on the video and when searching for the arrow on a pass through.


My quiver is a stock standard Octane 5-arrow side mounted, its light, very little moving parts and very silent.


I have shot them all, from Thumb, back tension and wrist strap. I however always find myself coming back to my tryst old Scott Samurai wrist release. There is no specific reason, but purely based on personal preference. As a backup, I carry a Tru Ball Short – N – Sweet wrist release in my backpack. It’s not IF you ever forget your release in your truck or at camp but when you do, and I have…

Rangefinders and Game Cameras

Rangefinder is the Halo Series. It’s small, tough as nails, and great value for money but foolproof and has the extra benefit of giving me angles as well as distance.


I have one backpack that I carry with me from Ridgeline. It holds up to 3 litre hydration pack, together with all the gadgets and goodies you may need to take with you. It also gives me the added option of strapping my bow to the back pack should I require it.

Wildebees Camo


My camo of choice is the Sekelbos range from Wildebees as well as the 3D pattern from Sniper. Local South African brands that has proven itself, made in South Africa for South African bush conditions. It layers well, comfortable and robust I wear a beard.

I also make use of face paint, masks, and leafy suits to break up my silhouette in the field


The areas I generally hunt are thorny… Sekelbos mainly. And if you know anything about sekelbos, its that it makes awesome fires for the campsight, and the thorn is tough as nails and will go through anything, so a decent sole is the thing to have.

I wear locally produced boots and Veld shoes aka “Vellies” which is roubust and stops most of the thorns from making contact with your foot.

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I am essentially a rifle hunter turned bow hunter and archery enthusiast. My passion for hunting was developed as a young boy from the age of 6 or 7 and now as a man my enthusiasm for bow hunting has is not just a passion but it has become a way of life and lifestyle.