Where are the … erm… ladies? [179 Days]

So here’s a question: Where are the Female Bowhunters/Bowhuntresses/Ladies/Girls who Bowhunt?
(…and in this politically correct generation… what are we supposed to call them?)
US stats on Bowhunting shows a slow increase of female bowhunters (currently seems like about 22%-32% Female:Male ratio, depending on region and source). My stats on the Bowhunter’s Corner Instagram page shows about the same:  25% vs 75% female-to-male.
So… where are the actual hunting ladies? …and why do we see so little of them interacting on social media? 
According to the stats, about a quarter of the bowhunters are supposed to be female, but its very rare that we see input and conversation on questions on Web Forums and platforms like Facebook groups about bowhunting (they do have a ton of followers on instagram though?)

Why is this?

(…and by the way… I personally think that regardless of age or gender, you are simply a bowhunter…)

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