Bowtech Launches BTX “SpeedBow”

Bowtech launched their new flagship bow for 2016 at the recent ATA show in the USA this last week. The BT-X (and the Target bow: Fanatic 2.0) are the first bows from Bowtech that features a dual cam option. A smaller cam for shorter draw lengths and a larger cam for the tall guys and gals with the long arms.

The range is still quite large, and according to Bowtech, the small Cam at 28″ will be about 15fps faster than the large cam at 28″ – giving a lot of speed back to the shorter draw length archers.

From their website:
BT-X is the perfect combination of speed, balance, and strength in an ultra-compact design. Generating bone- crushing speed at 350 feet per second. The revolutionary skeletal riser was specifically engineered to remove unwanted weight for optimal balance and reinforced stability. The BT-X features the all-new Micro Sync Dial, giving the shooter the ability to precisely time cam position without sacrificing wasted time in a bow press. #BT-X

Both versions will also feature the Powershift Technology. This seems to be a standard for Bowtech Bows this season.

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