Why do you shoot bowtech, Sean? [179 days]

Two things happened this week that made me take an evening, a pizza and a glass of red wine and think…

The first was that I was asked to explain why I shoot bowtech. The second was that somebody insinuated that my club is a “hunting club” and that we are not serious as target archers. I think this was intended as an subtle insult, and i was immediately defensive, but it did make me think….

What is a hunter? And by implication, a bowhunter?

Well, in my mind, a bowhunter is tenacious. They will patiently take there time to reach their ultimate goal, they will not quit, they will not buckle under external factors like wind and weather. They are up before sunrise, they go home after sunset…

But more importantly, they care…

Hunters are the conservationists, they care about the environment, they care about their fellow hunters, they care about what legacy they are leaving their children.

Are you stuck in the bush? Call a hunter friend… do you need help, call a hunter. Do you need a friend to help you pack out an animal? A hunter is your guy. They are your friends next to the fire, and the one who makes you coffee when you wake up in the morning. If you harvested, your fellow hunters celebrate with you, they don’t envy your success.

And you know what? They will do this day after day, week after week, year after year.

They do it because they love it. And they will do it forever because they will always enjoy every part of the process, not just the “win”

No. I think I was tremendously complimented.

Being a hunter is a state of mind, of peace, and tranquility, and enjoyment in the small things and the big things. You think it is “The Hunger Games” with one winner, one survivor, but i think it is a journey of discovery, with every day bringing new things and new discoveries and bringing new achievements.

I am a hunter.

My Bowtechs are my weapons of choice, an extension of my abilities, and this is my “hunter’s club” and I will reach every goal I choose for myself because of it…

Unfortunately, some will most probably never understand it…

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Sean Nel is a staff shooter for Archer's Edge South Africa, Beestinger, GoldTip, Sureloc and Health Matrix as well as an accredited Archery Instructor with the South African National Archery Association (SANAA)