T.R.U.Ball Execute Wrist Release – Product Spotlight

We have all grown accustomed to archery manufacturers claiming to seemingly have reinventing the wheel year after year, promising a new industry changing product. Now although much of this is simply great marketing, every so often a product comes along that does indeed live up to the hype.

There has long been a desire in the industry for a quality double sear index release, and Truball has answered with the all new Execute. What makes this release unique amongst other wrist strap releases is that it features a nickel plated solid brass body, independent trigger travel and sensitivity adjustment that takes it from incredibly light to very heavy. The unique concept about a double sear mechanism is that it does not change trigger tension whatsoever when bow poundage increases.

I’ve always preferred a wrist strap style release, whether for hunting or tournament shooting and have personally shot a great many different styles and brands over the past 25+ years. Yet since switching over to the Execute by Truball I have seen a marked change in my consistency and general accuracy. It is by far the most customizable release I have owned and certainly has almost an infinite amount of adjustment to suit every archer’s personal preference.

What sets this wrist strap release apart from all others is the nickel plated, solid brass body which ensures some nice heft in hand and durability of the nickel plating secures against rust and corrosion. The unique double sear design of the Execute prevents trigger pressure to increase as the particular bow poundage increases, the infinite adjustability of the Execute is astounding, not only can the trigger travel be minutely adjusted, but so too the trigger pressure, from incredibly light to a nice and heavy trigger pull. The bonus is that both these adjustments can also be locked down via two locking screws, another very clever addition if I may say so. Lastly there are two separate trigger posts with each release, a standard straight and for those whom prefer it, a swept back trigger design. Do yourself a favor and be sure to test drive this incredible release!

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