Re-usable broadheads… is it just marketing? [179 days]

My wishlist for a broadhead is simple:

1. Fieldpoint accurate

2. Maximum penetration

3. Widest possible cut on entry and exit

4. And re-usable

Obviously, if we are really honest with each other, you can’t have it all, you will have to compromise somewhere, and hopefully you will end up with a head that gives you as close to the best of main criteria as you can get. And you will be a happy camper.

But every now and again I run into an archer that does not want to try a different or new broadhead because they want it to be re-usable… and I cannot help but wonder: who said what to this archer? Because in reality, most seasonal archers will rarely re-use a broadhead (I am not talking about the hardcore, hunt twice a month, outback archers, PH’s or game farm managers)

At the cost of an animal in actual money, time spent, preparation, etc… the cost of putting a pristine broadhead on the tip, or the very least, new tips or blades is virtually nothing. For the price of what you are likely to spend on coffee on your way out, why would you not simply use a new, perfect head?

So coming off from that idea, why bother if a blade chips or nicks easily? If it flies well, penetrates well, and leaves a good blood trail, who cares if there is a chip or a few nicks on the blade? Will you really want to re-use that blade again in any case? When you open your broadhead box next year, are you not likely to consider buying a new pack of heads in any case?

Or … maybe its just me… 😉


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