What is your flavour? Bowsights for the new season [179 Days]

When I started, I started out with the basic 3-pin and 5 pin bow sights. I quickly upgraded to a 1 pin (kept on making parallax errors!) and played around with a few versions of that.

My first hunt was with an HHA 1-pin sight, rock solid, and very accurate. I loved the fact that I could use the upright pin to “aim” my position on the vitals between the front legs – big bonus of a 1-pin sight like that… That was still hunting from a hide.

But then I started stalking… changing pin distances on the fly was a pain for me as a new-ish bowhunter, and I really started to develop respect for the good old 5-pin setups… I still tended to make mistakes with them though. So what to do? (I ran through my decision making process here – Choosing a Bow Sight for new Bow Hunters)

I fell in love with the Over/Under style sights – basically a 3-pin sight, where you set up the middle pin on a sight tape, and top and bottom pins at 10 yards long and 10 yards short. It’s a best of both worlds solution for me. I can get my middle of the sight shots on exact accuracy, but when I stalk, I can set to likely distances, and have a 30-yd range on the pins I have.

My sight of choice was the Sure-loc Lethal Weapon SLDR 3-pin & I will be shooting it for my third season this year. Rock solid and with the bonus that I can run a heavy and standard set of arrows (it has two sight tapes!)

I don’t think they produce them anymore (Sureloc announced a complete revamp of their target and hunting sights in 2018) but if you can find them as old stock, they are worth the money!

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Sean Nel is a staff shooter for Archer's Edge South Africa, Beestinger, GoldTip, Sureloc and Health Matrix as well as an accredited Archery Instructor with the South African National Archery Association (SANAA)