New Camera Angles [179 Days]


I think I need to get myself a few more of these Garmin Virbs… I love the camera angles I can get on these, but they are so wide, that even at only a few yards away, everything loses size so quickly…

Now, I know I can daisy-chain a few together and get them all to switch on and off at the same time. Placing them at different location, I should (in theory) be able to get at least one good angle, maybe two?

Battery life is sorted with a simple external battery pack (10,000Mah gives me roughly 10 hour standby) but I have yet to figure out how to combat the overheating issue if they stand in the sun or record for a long time…

Ideas anybody?


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Sean Nel is a staff shooter for Archer's Edge South Africa, Beestinger, GoldTip, Sureloc and Health Matrix as well as an accredited Archery Instructor with the South African National Archery Association (SANAA)

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