Jump the fence [179 Days]

This morning, stopping next to the road and watching the sun come up, I wasn’t thinking much more than I would be very ready to grab my bow and head out if I had half a chance…

Thinking about that later when I was looking at the photo, I started wondering what was the attraction?

Off course I wanted to be a successful hunter, in the sense that I come home with meat for my family, but I have gone out many days and come back happy as a clam, empty handed. So that is not the drive (or sole drive I should say)

But there is something about the stalk, there is something about the bush, there is something about the fire at the camp and just living, for a few days, a simpler life… a life without interruption, a life closer to God… it’s a call to your soul that wants you to jump the fence and just go…

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