BowHunter apps – MotionX-GPS

Last year I was trying to find a good solution for GPS breadcrumbs so that I can review my movements while stalking a specific group of blessbuck. The thought behind it was that I can estimate their movements, and maybe put up a few trail cams and a treestand for a future hunt on this group.

I tried a few apps over the time I was at Nhlanguleni and the problem with most were that they just ate the battery of my iPhone for lunch! The GPS app from MotionX, however, worked like a friggin charm!

Not only did it collect my breadcrumbs, it didn’t even make a dent in my battery life (I cant say that it used more than any regular day of walking with my phone.

The app has a lot of extra features that I still need to work out… in fact too many features (which makes it a bit clunky for me) but for somebody that needs it, it’s probably perfect.

One things it had, but took me too long to access through the menus is a quick tag of locations. Surprisingly, I found a perfect solution through another app I use called Archery PAL. It has a location setting where you can simply save GPS locations (like a trail cam in the bush), and when you decide to navigate to it, it’s simply a direction and distance. (big bummer… no way to get it into Metric settings for the GPS if you Imperial in the calculators… can’t really blame the developers for that, though)

The other nice thing that ArcheryPAL has is the calculators… KE (with Slug-ft/sec!!), FOC and arrow speed. Very handy when setting up and making equipment choices.

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